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Facing Natural Disasters, What Can Light Steel Structure Building Do?

Behind a series of natural disasters are the consequences of serious environmental pollution. Air pollution→global warming→climate anomalies→natural disasters have become a causal and progressive relationship. Among the many pollutions, construction pollution occupies a certain proportion. According to data, the amount of construction waste generated in China in 2014 exceeded 1.5 billion tons. In 2015, the annual output of construction waste in China was about 1.701 billion tons, and it is expected to reach 3.966 billion tons by 2020.

Changing traditional construction methods, promoting industrial upgrading, reducing construction waste, and protecting the environment have become the most important issues in the current construction industry. In this context, Putian Light Steel Construction has stepped forward.

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The main material of Putian light steel structure building is light steel keel, which is made of high-quality continuous hot-dip galvanized sheet and strip as raw material, and is rolled into a metal frame for construction by cold bending process. The light steel material itself is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable product. In addition, the main components of light steel building are pre-made in the factory. The production is industrialized and industrialized, and the loss rate is less than 3%. Steel frame building can greatly reduce the consumption of cement, sand, and stone and other resources, thereby greatly reducing carbon emissions during mineral excavation, smelting, and transportation.

In addition, during the construction of pre engineered steel buildings, the dry construction method is adopted for on-site construction, which will not cause waste of water materials. Light steel structure buildings can also reduce noise disturbance, wastewater discharge and dust pollution at the construction site, and reduce the discharge of sand, stone, and construction waste. Compared with traditional buildings, steel structure buildings can save 80% of water, 70% of energy, 70% of the time, 20% of materials, and 20% of the land.

Natural disasters caused by environmental pollution are unpredictable, and environmental protection actions need to be persistent. The construction industry introduced light steel buildings with its environmentally friendly materials, industrialized production, and scientific construction to completely change the traditional construction methods, save resources to the greatest extent, reduce industrial waste, and contribute to environmental protection.

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