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Top 10 prefab house manufacturers of 2022

Prefabricated houses have become very popular over the past few decades, and there are now thousands of companies producing these low-cost housing units. They are a good choice if you need an affordable place to live - perhaps temporarily or permanently.


prefab house

If you are seriously considering building a prefabricated structure for your property, there are hundreds of builders willing to take your money and ship the house for you. However, finding the best prefab house manufacturer can turn out to be a hassle, that's why we have developed this quick list of some of the best prefab house manufacturers.

Clever Homes

clever homes

Clever Homes has been designing and constructing prefab building projects for almost two decades and has become one of the most experienced firms in the industry. Using panelized and modular building techniques, they can build a net-zero energy home from the ground up.

Their services support the design, engineering, permitting, and construction stages of our projects, using systematized and prefabricated building systems.

Besides, clever homes' open-source construction practice is completely transparent; working with their clients and a network of facilities across the United States.

Champion Homes

champion home

Founded in 1953, Champion Home Builders has been in the industry for over 60 years. As one of the largest prefabricated home builders in North America, Champion offers many factory-built solutions ranging from single and multi-family homes to commercial and government buildings, such as construction companies and public buildings.

Their manufactured homes, modular homes, prefabricated homes, park models and commercial modular buildings can be found throughout the United States and Western Canada, and they have owned 40 plants in North America.

Pacific Modern Homes

Pacific Modern Homes

Founded in 1968, Pacific Modern Homes is a privately held California company, PMHI primarily serves the owner-builder market. Services offered include drafting, engineering, contractor referral and consulting, and fabrication. Home and land financing is also available.

PMHI's prefabricated houses are divided by size and style. They carry everything from single-story homes and granny apartments to two-story prefab villas. While they do not have any state-of-the-art designs in their current catalogue, there are over 25 single-story floor plans and over 40 designs.

Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living was founded by Robert Wagoner in 2015 out of a love for alternative structures. His experience with traditional well-built home construction led to a sense of inadequacy, so he made it his mission to perfect those challenges using shipping containers.

Container homes may be an acquired taste since they don't usually resemble traditional homes. However, they are one of the most affordable styles of prefabricated homes, and Custom Container Living can provide you with a turnkey solution that will have you moving in no time.

Unity Homes

unity homes

Launched in 2012, Unity Homes is a spin-off of Tedd Bensonwood, a company founded by Tedd Benson in 1973. For decades, Bensonwood has built impeccable homes to the highest standards. The mission of Unity is to make this level of quality and performance available to as many people as possible at a lower cost.

If you want a prefabricated house that blends in with your neighbours, Unity Homes is a good choice. they have a stunning array of modern prefabricated homes that can serve as a starting point for your project.



Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as"PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution for low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.  

PTH's main products can be divided into three main categories, namely heavy steel buildings, light steel buildings and ALC system buildings. The company has the cutting-edge FRAMECAD production line for light steel villas and the world-leading production line for heavy steel structures.

The annual production capacity of each type of building can reach 300,000 square meters. All products comply with ISO9001 standard and have been certified by CE, CNAS, BV, etc.

Method Homes


Method Homes has a large selection of prefab homes. There are traditional arts and crafts style homes available for clients to choose from. Due to their ability to collaborate with other teams, they have an impressive portfolio of custom work.

Its mission is built on the principles of quality and sustainability. Simply put, they are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable structures, using streamlined process methods that are 60% faster than traditional on-site build cycles.

Impresa Modular


Impresa Modular's passion is to provide beautiful, well-built homes. They use modern modular construction to build energy-efficient and healthy custom homes for our clients and their families at a great value.

The prefabricated home construction process is carefully designed to create a sequence of steps that repeat precisely on each module. The assembly line approach reduces the variables that occur in on-site construction projects.

Plant Prefab

plant prefab

Plant Prefab is the first prefab design and construction company in the United States dedicated to sustainable building, materials, processes and operations. With their patented Plant Prefab building system and purpose-built facility in Rialto, California, they are able to custom build all types of housing, from single-family homes to multi-family homes.

Plant Prefab's prefabricated homes are designed to be energy efficient, sustainable and healthy for homeowners and the planet. They offer a range of designs, with styles ranging from farmhouse-style structures to modernist row houses. In addition, all prefab homes are solar-powered.

Connect Homes

connect homes

Founded in 2013 by Jared Levy and Gordon Stott, Connect Homes offers a simplified approach to home building. The company says its homes can be installed in two months and shipped anywhere in the world, thanks to a patented modular system that reduces shipping costs by 90 percent.

All prefab homes are solar ready and come pre-installed with smart lighting, zoned and ductless HVAC systems, smart smoke alarms and energy recovery ventilation systems. The Lutron Caseta lighting system includes dimmer switches and LED bulbs.

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