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Are Residential Steel Buildings Damaged Greatly After Natural Disasters?

Everyone says that steel structure buildings are heat-preserving, heat-insulating, moisture-proof, sound-proof, and can also resist earthquakes of magnitude 9 and typhoons of magnitude 14. Many people wonder if the functions of metal frame buildings are exaggerated.

Residential steel buildings in the earthquake

The earthquake itself does not hurt people. The injuries are the collapsed buildings caused by the earthquake. The pre engineered metal building adopts light steel keel and is formed by locking technology. When an earthquake occurs, the light steel structure connected by the light steel building fasteners will form a stable box shape, and the floor will not fall or the wall will collapse due to the shaking of the ground.

Residential steel buildings in typhoon

A typhoon is a huge energy store with wind speeds above 17 m/s and even above 60 m/s. A typhoon traveling at a speed of 100 meters per second will bear 2.5 tons of wind pressure per square meter of traditional buildings. Under such strong winds, traditional buildings are easily damaged and collapsed.

The steel building house adopts advanced double-sided galvanized light steel main body and modified gypsum slurry wall to form a "multi-rib structure system". The prefabricated metal home has a firm structure, the main body of the light-steel is rust-proof and mothproof, can withstand a basic snow pressure of 1.55KN/square, and can withstand a 14-level typhoon.

Residential steel buildings in geological disaster

The excessive weight of brick and concrete often causes the foundation to sink and the house collapses. However, the weight of the light steel house is light, only about one-fifth of the brick-concrete structure, and about one-eighth of the reinforced concrete structure, which greatly reduces The load bearing of the foundation reduces the subsidence of the foundation.

Steel Structure Hotel picture in Gabon

Compared with traditional homes, residential metal buildings have the following advantages:

Steel frame building does not crack

Brick-concrete houses often crack, and repairs and rework are time-consuming and laborious to affect housing. A light steel villa is composed of hundreds of components, with stable component performance, high accuracy, complete structure and not easy to crack.

Steel frame building has good ventilation performance

Brick-concrete houses are damp, and long-term living is very harmful to the human body. The wall of the steel frame residential homes adopts a high-efficiency energy-saving system with a breathing function that can adjust the humidity of the indoor air. The pre engineered steel buildings' roof has a ventilation function, which can form a flowing air space above the house to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements inside the roof.

Steel frame building has good sound insulation effect

The national standard sound insulation is 40 decibels, but most traditional houses do not meet this standard, and the sound insulation effect is poor, which seriously affects the quality of life. The wall of the custom metal building is filled with modified materials, and the sound insulation effect can be as high as 60 decibels, making it easy to enjoy high-quality living.

Steel frame building has good thermal insulation effect

The materials of brick-concrete houses are hot in summer and cold in winter. Most of the roofs are increased by half a layer for heat insulation, but this method also increases costs. Modern steel buildings are combined with light steel structure framework, formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly cotton and various maintenance boards to form a combined wall system and combined roof system with good performance, with excellent thermal insulation effect.

The light steel structure house is a new construction method that is highly praised globally, and it can meet the requirements of sustainable development. This time the construction reform will improve the housing conditions of mankind and improve the safety hazards. It is an imperative revolution.

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