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British Amusement Park Public Container Bathroom And Shower

Project No.: PT180207              



Scale2 sets of shower+3sets of bathroom  

Category: Container house

Function: container bathroom and shower

Characteristics: shower  and bathroom containers  of different bathroom standards which can meet various needs; 75mm Rock Wool sandwich  panel has good fire performance

Project features: the customer has his own water park project. The purchased  integrated bathroom and shower containers are used as supporting facilities of the amusement park. And this is sample order,  client will  purchase in large quantities after trial assembly.

In order to meet the various needs of the amusement park, the toilets are divided into three types: independent men's toilet, independent women's toilet and men's and women's toilet container room; the shower room is divided into two types: Men's and women's comprehensive shower room and independent men's (women's) shower room, and each shower room is equipped with floor electric water heater. 

As a public place, the amusement park has a large number of people flow. In order to ensure safety, special attention is paid to fire performance. Therefore, 75mm rock wool sandwich panel is used for wall panels, with a density of 120kg / m³


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