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Color Play an Important Role in Building, Have You Noticed It?(2)

The Role of Color


The primary function of color in building is decoration. All kinds of urban architecture with color decorations constitute a rich and colorful urban environment with the ground, plants, sky and other backgrounds. Urban architecture is also unique and charming because of the rich color.

Manarola, Italy.jpg
                         (Manarola, Italy)

Decorated by color, the building can be well integrated into the surrounding environment, can also be separated from the surrounding environment, and fully show personality.

Bo-Kaap Cape Town.jpg
                       (Bo-Kaap Cape Town)

The color plays an important role in distinguishing between different buildings and the different components of the same building, which increases the identity of the building.

For example, the Marseille apartment designed by Le Corbusier, the wall between the different units is painted a variety of bright colors. These high saturation red, yellow, blue and other primary colors cast a personalized color for each individual residential unit. This becomes an identity while residents can easily find their own house from outside the building with those different colors.

Marseille apartment.jpg

The emotional role of color is from the people's psychological, psychological characteristics and needs, to give an abstract sense of urban architecture.

Burano,Venice.jpg                                               (Burano,Venice)

For example, the color of the city's residential buildings are mostly high brightness, low chroma and warm colors, which can give people a warm, bright, relaxed and pleasant visual psychological experience. The office building in order to reflect the reason, calm, efficient work atmosphere, people often use neutral or cool colors, such as white, light blue, light gray, gray and green. Therefore, the emotional role of color comes from its associations and symbols.

the steel construction producted by PTH in Albania.jpg                                 (The factory completed by PTH in Albania)

PTH Color Science

PTH building has rich colors. They choose the color to integrate local environment according to the different needs of customers in different regions.

The blue camping house in Kazakhstan.

The villas with red-tiled and white-walled in Mozambique.

The eco-friendly steel structure in Slovenian.
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