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Container Farm Puts A Full Acre Of Lettuce In Your Backyard

We all know that container house is widely used in the construction sites, temporary residence, shower room, kitchen, teaching building, office, cold storage house, switch board room, and military camouflage house etc.

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What if you’d love to start a farm but you live in the middle of a city with no access to arable land? Williamson Greenhouses company recently produced a new rentable product called the cropbox packs a fully-installed hydroponic greenhouse full of delicious plants inside a 320 square foot shipping container that easily fits in a backyard. This multi-layered growing system provides up to 3,000 plants in each container. With a completely enclosed growing environment, the added electricity costs are balanced with lower inventory losses due to protection from weather changes, pest infestations or high heating prices.


Investing in a complete greenhouse may require $50000, but having container farms reduces investment costs and  barriers to begin farming.



There are more possibilities for container houses that we need to explore,We hope that the container houses can contribute more to the sustainable development of the environment.

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