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Container hotel, your new choice

The hotel industry is a mainstay industry in the tourism industry. Due to the scarcity of land resources and the rise of development cost, coupled with many restrictions on traditional industries, the traditional model can not meet the needs of the market. container hotel has changed the traditional concept of hotel building.

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Project Number PT160158
Product type Container house
Usage Dormitory living+training school
Destination Philippines
Deal time 2016
Project scale 72 units 20’ container houses+1 unit 8’ container house
Project review

Container house type:

6058×2438×2791mm,  72 units

2 floors with steel stairs

Handled by Linda Lu

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This is a container hotel project from Philippine customers working with Putian. It consists of 72 units 20-foot containers, just a short 2 months to complete the container hotel construction, without reinforced concrete, reduce the hotel decoration process and save money, we also optimized the room fire, Deodorant and noise reduction of the container, visitors can enjoy a more comfortable container living.

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Whether from the perspective of economic interests, or from the time cost considerations, the container hotel has a great advantage. Under the circumstance of increasingly scarce resources, Container hotel will certainly become a future hotel building trend.

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