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Container---more than a box

When talking about containers, most people's minds always appear on the dilapidated and cold iron box.But after transformation of architect,container not just a box, It changes kinds of shapes,container shopping mall,container hotel…people exclaims“Is this still the container I know”.

Now let PTH introduce some of the buildings that have been converted from containers

  • container shopping mall

  1. Container shopping mall in Korea



    COMMON GROUND is a huge three story container mall made of 200 containers. It is the largest container shopping mall in the world. Its blue appearance and unique design style are very attractive. Settled in EVAJUNIE, VANS and other 56 fashion brands, The Booth and other 16 catering brands, is a collection of clothing, shoes and hats, food and beverage as one of the fashion shopping center. The shopping center is also equipped with performances and display space, and will become a comprehensive cultural space.

  2. Shenzhen container theme Food Street


    More Fun——Huangbeiling subway container theme commercial street ! Bring together more than 50 food brands and more than 30 clothings,shoes and hats brand, with colorful container features, there are a variety of art decoration.

  • Container cafeteria


    The appearance of the container blends well with the exquisite interior design of the cafe. This combination of classical and modern, has an unique atmosphere of coffee shops, but also gives it the allure of industrial sense. Designers mainly to the concept of simple design, the design did not deliberately pursue the luxury of changing materials, but focus on several specific material interpenetration. A large number of French windows are set up in the project to increase indoor lighting and permeability. This design fits the modern pursuit of high quality life.

  • Container hotel


    The architecture of container Hotel moves from individuation design to specialization system. The container built hotel is a new "residential revolution", the use of container to build the main body of the hotel, riveted together by bolts, convenient disassembly future use, not only cost savings, improve the speed and reduce the damage to the environment.

  • Container house


    At present, out of the dwelling, affordable housing has become one of the most important issues of people's livelihood, in reality, low-income housing problems of different cost control and severe capital among regions, container housing low cost, short construction time, strong stability, feasibility of mobile and modular features is a good solution to the construction of the.

  • Container Restaurant


    Restaurant is a place where people make friends and relax in daily life. No new blood is pouring in. The restaurant transformed by the container will be a new highlight of the industry.

  • Container studio


    The container with low cost, short duration and changeable style gradually becomes the office place favored by the entrepreneurs

  • Container public building


    Container public buildings, if they are built in parks, commercial centers and tourist attractions, are not only practical, they can attract traffic, but also display relevant advertisements. As people at leisure Rendian topic. There are toilets, information desk, advertising position and so on.

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