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Double-C Structure Military Shower Room Toilet

Building profile;

1. This double-c structure shower is used for military shower rooms and toilets, and the project site is Nepal.

2. The building area is 16.8 m2 (outside the outer wall), and the indoor clear height is 2.6 m (the upper layer of the PVC floor to the indoor house, the lowest part of the panel), the indoor chassis height is 0.537 m.

Load fortification;

Wind load; 0.48 kN/m2 Snow load; 0.00 kN/m2

Roof dead load; 0.25 kN/m2 roof live load; 0.30 kN/m2

Floor dead load; 0.60 kN/m2 Floor live load; 2.50 kN/m2


Roof panel

Material parameters;

Roof panel: 955 type PU corrugated sandwich panel, thickness 50mm, upper and lower panels 0.45mm color steel plate, PU density 40kg/m3,

(Color steel plate is galvanized zinc AZ50/50g/m2+PE paint 20/5um, outer panel PE paint, inner panel PVC film, color

And the film style is to be determined.

Wall panel: 1150 type PU sandwich panel, thickness 50mm, double-sided 0.45mm color steel plate, PU density 35kg/m3, (color steel plate

It is aluminized zinc AZ50/50g/m2+PE paint 20/5um, PE paint on the outer panel, PVC film on the inner panel, color and coating

The membrane style is to be determined.

Overall frame: The frame is a double-wrap C frame (200x90x35x2.0mm) + C-type purlin, the material is Q345, the surface is hot-plated

Zinc is 275g/m2.

Door: 900x2100 steel door.

Window: 300x300PVC ventilation fan.

Floor board: 18mm cement fiber board + 2mm PVC floor for toilet

Hemming material: 0.5mm self-folding color steel plate, the color steel plate is galvanized 150g/m2+5 micron zinc-rich paint + 20 micron liquid polymer

Ester paint (roof, gable edging, corner edging, etc.).

Water and electricity: The electricity is European standard electricity, including 1 switch and 3 toilet ceiling lights.

The water supply and drainage is the company's conventional European standard bathroom.

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