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PTH Help You Complete Your Dream of Luxury Villas

Light steel villa has been very popular in the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan and other countries. High-end beautiful light steel villa is so common that we can often see this kind of construction in films and TV programs.

The Spy Next Door,PTH

For example, In Hollywood movie The Spy Next Door ,Jackie Chan and actress are living in this high-quality light steel villa community.

A Dog's Tale,PTH

The petty villa in the Hachi: A Dog's Tale.

And the houses in TV series Desperate Housewives.

Desperate Housewives1,PTH

Desperate Housewives2,PTH

Desperate Housewives3,PTH

There are also lots of light steel villas in China. In the film A World Without Thieves shooted a few years ago, Andy Lau and Rene Liu interpreted an interesting film plot In the very famous light steel villa community Napa Valley of Beijing.

A World Without Thieves,PTH

Is light steel villa far away from our daily lives? It is reported that Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (PTH) has promoted high-quality light steel villa by a multi-channel network platform in the country. Each of you will be able to build this earthquake-proof light steel villa with a price equivalent to traditional concrete construction. The following picture is workers are building a light steel villa in Dangshan district by PTH construction team.

construction team1,PTH

construction team2,PTH

Prior to the domestic market development, PTH has completed thousands of light steel projects in more than 200 countries over the world.

Light steel villa in Philippines,PTH

Light steel villa in Philippines.

Light steel villa in Uruguay,PTH

Light steel villa in Uruguay.

Light steel villa in New Zealand,PTH

Light steel villa in New Zealand.

Light steel structure,PTH

Light steel structure could achieve high-precision quality control through professional production and the surface is dealt by using hot-dip galvanizing treatment, which could realize anti-corrosion for 300 years. Main structural materials can be recycled 100% and 80% of maintenance materials which is really ecofriendly. What’s more, it is easy to transport and fast to construct, which make it the best choice for housing construction.
In addition, the light steel villa has a strong flexibility in design, and can be customized to achieve personal demand.

sample light steel villa,PTH

This is a sample light steel villa in PTH factory , you are welcome.

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