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Papua New Guinea Light Steel Classroom

This project is a light steel classroom project of 176 square meters in Papua New Guinea, using a steel chassis + light steel wall and roof system. The wind load is 1.2KM/h, and there is no snow load.

The project structure is as follows:

①The roofing method refers to the nodes of the drawings, including 0.5mm colored steel glazed tiles (color is red) + 100 insulation layer + 89 series light steel keel roof truss + 9mm plasterboard ceiling.

②The wall method refers to the node of the drawing. The outer wall is a 190mm light steel wall. The outer wall includes 27mm metal carved board (white gray) + unidirectional breathing paper + 12mm OSB board, and the inner side of the outer wall includes unidirectional breathing paper + 12mm gypsum board.

③The inner wall is a 164mm light steel wall, both sides include unidirectional breathing paper + 12mm gypsum board

④ 18mm cement fiberboard + 2mm PVC floor (blue) is used on the ground. Note: 2mm PVC floor (wood grain)

⑤The suspended ceiling adopts 9mm gypsum board suspended ceiling (indoor) and small corrugated board suspended ceiling (outdoor cornice);

⑥Detailed door and window specific parameters in the door and window table, the size shown in the door and window table is the size of the opening;

⑦The power layout is detailed in the drawings; Note: Australian standard power is used.

⑧Other accessories include flooding edging, rainwater pipes, PVC finished gutter components, hardware accessories, etc.

Papua-New-Guinea-Light-Steel-Classroom  Papua-New-Guinea-Light-Steel-Classroom2

Papua-New-Guinea-Light-Steel-Classroom3  Papua-New-Guinea-Light-Steel-Classroom4

Papua-New-Guinea-Light-Steel-Classroom5  Papua-New-Guinea-Light-Steel-Classroom6

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