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Sri Lanka Light Steel School

Project overview:

Project time: 2012

Project location: Sri Lanka

Project scale: 279m²

Purpose: Light Steel School

Project introduction:

Sri Lanka local government project, the whole project includes more than 40 schools. In the end, two companies won the bid, one of which was the client's company, and the other bidder client did not disclose. Build a model house first in accordance with government requirements.

Project features and selling points

1. Price, for maintenance materials, customer prices are very low.

2. Technology. We had just received systematic training when we were making light steel, and the designers were very professional. Customers did not bargain for our keel, because there were very few thin-walled light steels in China at that time.

3. The feedback was timely, and the design department also gave it in time (the client had a short construction period at that time, and the delivery time was 25 days).

4. In the later installation and construction, the company sent two more senior engineers to help customers solve on-site problems.

5. With horizontal wind resistance support.

Why customers choose PTH

1. At that time, there were only one or two companies that had this production line in China.

2. Strong professionalism, conference calls with customers, and provide timely and professional answers to customer questions;


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