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The Assembly House Designs of Starbucks

The coffee giant Starbucks has more than 20,000 stores in the world; its brand image has penetrated the world. At the same time, it also merges with local culture to attract different customers, which could be seen from a variety of different styles of restaurant.



Following the trend, Starbucks is bold and creative not only in the restaurant design, but also in the production mode and the use of materials.
Let's take a look at several Starbucks stores that refer to the concept of assembly.

Starbucks Container Store

Starbucks Container Store1

Located in Tukwila, Washington, DC, this "container store" is a converted-car restaurant. The structure of the restaurant embodies the concept of environmental protection. As the restaurant is only constructed by 4 recovered containers, the space inside is too small to provide service as a regular coffee shop. Therefore, this restaurant only provides packaged services.

Starbucks Container Store2

Starbucks Container Store3

For this restaurant, environmental protection does not just mean a simple word. To demonstrate Starbucks' commitment to environmental protection, the restaurant uses the LEED Green Building Standard and states that it collects and processes rainwater to conserve water.

Colorado, United States

Colorado, United States1

The Starbucks coffee shop in Northglenn, Colorado, not only looks special, but also received LEED environmental certification. The Starbucks building was produced in a factory and carried by truck. Its advantage is that it can be free to disassemble and assembly with a strong mobility.

Colorado, United States2

The exquisite interior space can accommodate about 3 to 5 Starbucks staff and coffee machines. The business model, like McDonald's ' Drive-Thru', has only sales windows connecting lanes and walkways, does not offer any seats, free sockets, or internet access.

Sanlitun, Beijing

Sanlitun, Beijing1

Located in the central Beijing area, one of the city's most affluent shopping districts, Sanlitun business zone, the design of this store is impressive. On the first floor, the spacious bar design shows the vibrant pace of coffee outside; on the second floor, permeable space and the bustling outdoor makes an interesting contrast. Sitting in the long bar table along the window and low chic wooden tables and chairs, have a glance at the crowd and the scenery outside, you can feel the vitality of the city. Indoor, it is an elegant and pleasant oasis, providing a chic space for people stopping and resting, meeting friends, and sharing delicious.

Sanlitun, Beijing 2

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