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Three Types of Epoch-making Modular Homes

Considering the current forms of building, modular homes are playing an increasingly important role in the housing industry.Related manufacturers are spending a lot of time to improve modular homes. The following three types of modular homes,for example, the finished products or the design of which have been much talked about, can probably change the status quo of the industry.


BrightBuilt1 PTH

BrightBuilt——A zero-energy building project. In this 70m² independent house, 90% of the structure is prefabricated, including a 2x6 surface continuous wall and three smooth glasses. Inside it, there is an air source heat pump, a 5 kW PV system, a solar heating unit and a heat recovery ventilator.


Households can use the real-time energy feedback system to monitor current energy usage. LED lights installed in the internal and bottom can be issued in three colors: when energy consumption is lower than energy output, the light is green; when energy is running out, the light is yellow; and when energy consumption is beyond consumption value, the light is red.


2、"Escape From Metropolis”

Escape From Metropolis1.PTH

KAA, a design group from Los Angeles, has designed the HOM, which is a house without foundation. The aim is to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. HOM is completely a modern product of the assembly line. Its design, building and selling are carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

Escape From Metropolis2.PTH

Inspired by the mobile homes of 85 years ago, the company's design has jumped out of the traditional thinking model. Houses cover an area ranging from 96m² to 344m², and there are three template styles to choose .Users can set the size, layout and decoration according to their own needs, and contact their local dealer to install.

Escape From Metropolis3.PTH

Aimed to be environmentally friendly, this design is based on recyclable materials and low-polluting construction processes, such as the Federal Council of Science-certified wood, organic linen, LED lamps and recyclable aluminum.

Escape From Metropolis4.PTH



KRBD is a Texas design and construction company,specializing in economy and modern custom homes. Now they are mainly based on their own modular housing Ma, to vigorously develop the cause of integrated housing.


Ma is "to make customized housing become reality". There are two sizes to choose from, 36x15 square feet, 60x15 square feet - - and together with three kinds of floor design, they constitute the six planned buildings. This modular housing has broken the traditional restrictions, so the future households can complete stylize the design in accordance with their own ideas and needs.


This kind of house is both money and energy-saving, spacious and lively, and very flexible, thus suitable for a variety of environments and customers. The designers have combined the two aspects – adding into the industrial manufacturing advantages, a clean, intelligent and modern element,which makes living more interesting.


Rutang ZHANG

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