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Introduction to Different Light Steel Building Types

With rapid economic development, people have higher and higher requirements for housing. Begin to pursue the necessities of house function, surrounding environment, living quality, and house quality.

With the strengthening of environmental protection efforts in various countries around the world, red brick houses gradually are forbidden, and light steel houses will surely replace traditional construction methods in the future and become the mainstream construction methods in the future. More and more people began to build steel structure houses, enjoying the excellent performance of light steel villas, such as earthquake resistance, wind resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, thermal insulation, beauty and comfort, and high-cost performance.

As a new type of building, steel frame buildings have gradually penetrated people's lives. The following will introduce to you the application of light steel structure building in other industries besides serving as our private housing. The application range of steel building is very wide, and it can be widely used in civil and public buildings. Such as private villas, apartments, resettlement houses, holiday houses, camp houses, office buildings, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes, hotels, guesthouses, guest houses, service centers, churches and temples, sales booths, sentry booths, public toilets, etc.

Mobile villa

Mobile prefab villa-style RVs

Mobile prefab villa-style RVs are not subject to geographical restrictions and are suitable for various non-permanent construction sites, such as RV campgrounds, agricultural ecological parks, mountain forest scenic spots, resort camps, etc. Mobile villa-style RVs will not damage the ecological environment and land resources and are comfortable, environmentally friendly, and portable.

The mobile villa-style RV is suitable for planned seasonal use by vacationers, comfortable and convenient, and has a large living space. The appearance of the RV is like a small single-story villa, with fences, balconies, etc. The interior of the RV is complete with home appliances, easy to use, free, elegant, and fashionable.

Steel structure homestay

steel structure homestay

People living in cities hope to live in the country for some time at certain moments. With the rapid development of various industries, homestay construction is no longer limited to traditional building materials. The construction period of the steel structure homestay is short and the quality is solid. To a certain extent, it satisfies people's desire to return to the primitive and slow down to live life.

Steel office buildings

steel office buildings

The appearance of the steel structure office building is full of modernity. The dry-hanging curtain wall finishes show the heaviness of the building, and the delicate treatment at the corners of the building makes the steel office building look less dull. The towering pillars on both sides of the door make the steel frame office buildings more upright.

Prefabricated guard house

Prefabricated guard house

The guardhouse is a building built for security, with sentries or guards stationed there. Some guard rooms are also used as prisons.

The guard house in the 21st century is used at the entrance of various agencies and gated communities to check people entering and exiting. In some larger institutions, the guardhouse will be responsible for the security of the entire area.

Sentry boxes

prefab sentry boxes

Sentry boxes are generally necessary for office buildings or communities. The simple appearance and high-quality and inexpensive materials make the steel-structured sentry box a small art building. It has a wide range of applications and flexible collocation, which can meet the needs of various functions, and the corresponding supporting facilities can be selected according to the actual use and building style.

Prefab book bar

Prefab book bar

The prefab book bar allows people to read fashion magazines or popular novels while drinking tea and chatting. The book bar can also let people forget the fatigue of work and the pressure of study in soothing music, and relax their minds and bodies. A book bar is also a good place for communication and gathering, creating a relaxed, elegant, and quiet reading environment for pedestrians.

Old house renovation

old house renovation

Renovate old dilapidated houses, and strengthen the load-bearing capacity of old houses through steel structures. The interior and exterior of the house are renovated and redesigned to maximize the value of the limited space. The simple yet sophisticated new type of steel structure house can improve the comfort of people's living while maintaining complete house performance.

Prefab clubhouse

Prefab clubhouse

The metallic sense of the modern design of the steel structure club cleverly combines fashion and trend. Using aesthetics, the space design is maximized and the unique space conditions of the building are fully utilized. In terms of color and shape, the steel structure clubhouse achieves a state of harmonious coexistence.

Steel Structure visitor center

prefab steel structure visitor center

The 400-square-meter visitor center covers multiple areas such as the service hall, rest area, film and television hall, mother and baby room, tour guide room, police office, infirmary, convenience store, tourist toilet, and so on. The tourist center can provide tourists with various services such as ticket purchase, inquiry, complaint, medical treatment, shopping, mobile phone charging, and item rental.

Putian is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, design, and sales of light steel buildings. The company has the international advanced New Zealand system of light steel housing production equipment and domestic and foreign professional technical teams as a strong backing. Putian, a custom container builder, specializes in manufacturing custom steel structure building, light steel villas, light-weight combined houses, characteristic towns, tourist hotels, steel schools, private houses, clubs, and other businesses.

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