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Philippine Double-C Structure Chicken Coop

Philippine Double-C Structure Chicken Coop

The construction site of this project is the Philippines as a chicken coop (breeding farm). It adopts a cold-formed thin-walled steel frame + EPS sandwich panel. It covers an area of ​​8 2358 m2 (outside the outer wall), and the roof slope is 9°. The cornice height is 2.5m.

Building Type: Steel framed farm buildings

Wind load: 8 1.08 kN/m2 Snow load; 0.00 kN/m2

Roof dead load: 0.25 kN/m2 roof live load; 0.50 kN/m2


Material parameters:

Roof panel: 955 type 50mm glass wool corrugated sandwich panel, upper panel 0.45, lower panel 0.30mm, glass wool density -60kg/m3, (color steel plate is galvanized AZ100g/m2+PE paint 20/5um).

External wall panel: 950 type 50mm glass wool tongue-and-groove sandwich panel, double-sided 0.45mm, glass wool density -60kg/m3, (color steel plate is galvanized AZ100g/m2+PE paint 20/5um).


Overall frame:

The frame is a thin-walled steel frame (200x90x35x3.0mm) + C-shaped purlin (C200x45x15x1.8mm) formed by cold rolling of galvanized steel sheet, made of Q345, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized 275g/m2, without paint.

Hemming materials: eaves, roof ridge edging, gable edging, wall corner edging are all 0.5mm self-folding color steel plates, and the color steel plates are galvanized AZ100g/m2+PE paint 20/5um. The color is to be determined.

Doors and windows: D1.920x2055mm plug-in single-open steel door

D2.1500x2080mm double open steel door

W1.920x1100mm set of plug-in aluminum alloy single glass sliding window

Falling water: 75mm PVC downpipe, one at 12m spacing.

Remarks: The customer takes care of the ventilation and cooling device of the chicken house.


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