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The Construction Method of Anticorrosive Paint for Steel Structure Workshop

The workshop generally requires a long service life, so it is necessary to apply paint for anti-corrosion and anti-rust work to improve the service life of the plant. The anti-corrosion construction and paint selection of different building materials are different, such as concrete structure plant and steel structure plant. The steel structure workshop has higher requirements for anti-corrosion, so today we will introduce how to construct the steel structure workshop anti-corrosion paint and which paint should be used.

The anticorrosive paints for steel workshop buildings include epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy intermediate paint, acrylic topcoat or epoxy iron red primer, epoxy mica intermediate paint, polyurethane topcoat, etc. The steel structure building builder can choose the topcoat according to the anti-corrosion design requirements and age requirements.

The plant anti-corrosion paint construction steps are divided into base surface treatment, spray primer, spray top paint.

1. Surface treatment: firstly derust the steel structure building, using sandblasting, pickling, and other methods. At the same time, the welding place should be polished to make the metal surface level. After the rust treatment is completed, the dust and oil on the surface of the steel frame workshop should be cleared to improve the adhesion of the paint.

2. Spray primer: The primer generally uses zinc-rich primer, red lead anti-rust paint, or iron red anti-rust paint. The paint needs to be configured according to requirements and the paint viscosity should be controlled. When spraying, move it evenly from left to right to prevent the paint layer from being too thick.

3. Spraying the topcoat: the topcoat can be sprayed only after the primer is dry. Roll coating, spraying, brushing can be used. The paint should be applied evenly, and the layers should be crisscrossed to avoid missing brushes.

The specific construction process will also be determined according to the purpose of the steel structure workshop and the selected paint.

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