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How does the steel structure building keep ventilation and cool in the summer?

  • Add thermal insulation:

Add thermal insulation (normally glass wool) into the roof system of the steel structure workshop. The density of glass wool is 10kg/m3 with regular thickness 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. It can effectively insulate most of the sunshine and heat and reduce the generation of greenhouse warming inside; hence the temperature in the workshop can be greatly reduced. The use of insulation layer on steel structure roofing can make the workshop warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Install ventilation equipment

The machines in the workshop generate heat and water vapor, which will accumulate in the plan and increase workshop temperate if they are not exhausted in time. And finally affect the workshop’s environment. The solution to these problems is to ensure proper ventilation and install reasonable ventilation system. Reasonable exhaust system installation will improve the air condition inside the steel structure plant, and greatly reduce the temperature.

Here are some tips for you:

1. Install unpowered ventilator

The working principle of unpowered ventilator is air convection. Whenever the indoor and outdoor air environment is different, it will generate air convection and push out the exhaust gas and heat. The advantage is that it needs no external power and is eco-friendly. But it is greatly determined by the environment and you cannot force the ventilation. The main products are turbine ventilator, strip-type ventilator (skylight ventilation), roof ridge clerestory ventilation and etc. (This method is cost-effective and eco-friendly.)


2. Install industrial ventilation fan on the roof

Industrial ventilation fan is a kind of ventilation equipment powered by electricity. The ventilation effect is good and it can be applied to any condition for ventilation.


3. Install air cooler on the roof

The air cooler is the machine that uses water cooling principle to cool the air, and brings the cold air to the inside by the strong exhaust fan. It can keep the indoor temperature of the steel structure workshop at a comfortable temperature of 26-30 degrees centigrade. The power consumption is 1/8 compared to the air conditioner, and the cost is half. It is a good method of forced cooling.

  • Use the paint with highly effective heat insulation and sunshine reflection performance

Paint the color-bond steel rooting sheet with highly effective heat insulation and sunshine reflection. This product is excellent in heat insulation as it can reflect 99.5% infrared and 92.5% visible light. The highest sound insulation effect can be 68% and the average sound insulation effect is more than 50%. It is safe, nontoxic, durable and nonflammable with fire-resistance Grade-A. The installation is easy, no damage to the original roof, and it can prevent the aging of the roof. The maximum temperature difference of the color steel sheet surface can reach 20 before and after construction; the room temperature difference can reach 8-10. And the energy consumption of the steel structure workshop can be reduced by 30-70%.

Keeping the ventilation and cooling of steel structure workshop shows a respect to the workers, and it represents the enterprise's caring for it employees. When you have problem with workshop ventilation, please ask the advice of professional steel structure plant fabrication company. Professional guarantees the quality!

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