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How to bulid a prefab house such as light?

Everyone needs a dream house,as you know,  sometimes you can do it by yourself.

First, the foundation

The foundation security requirement of prefab house is relatively lower than concrete structure because its own weight is less than a quarter of brick concrete structure. It just need to weld in the upper of a piece of flat cement, not to dig deeply, which is different from brick concrete structure.




Light steel keel installation

Installation of light steel keel is after the  water-proof treatment of flat ground. Light steel keel, a kind of steel with both side galvanized,  it has good toughness and ductility to keep house stable against the earthquake. The space between each has been calculated by rigorous scientific computing, which can ensure the safety of housing.


Wall installation

wall is also need to be installed. Different from traditional concrete  construction, the wall of villa is assembled by  board with various function, commonly used board includes fireproof, waterproof, anti noise, thermal insulation, heat insulation and  external wall cladding for decoration.


Roof handling

The treatment of the roof is similar with the wall, just need to add sunscreen and waterproof layers, and tiles layer in the top. Tiles can be customized with range from type, material to price.

Roof handling

The last, complete the installation of water and electricity according to the reserved pipeline. Then, you can live in.Is it simple? Finally, introduce the construction period, it just spend less than 2 months to construct a 200 square meter house with completed foundation. It is really fast,right?

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