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The Future Trends of Building is All About Environmental Protection

Stunning Energy-saving Water Droplets Building

Water Droplets Building.jpg

It is the first building in the world to be designed into a water droplet shape. It collects moisture from the sea air in its internal system and then purifies the air into purified water through solar energy, ventilation systems and Teex Micron equipments.

Water Droplets Building2.jpg

It’s believed that in the future, architects not only need to learn architecture, but also should learn how to protect the ecology.

The Solar Floating Resort: Smart Response to Global Warming

The Solar Floating Resort1

Michel Plantae is a famous Italian industrial designer; he believes that solar energy is the best way to solve global warming and environmental problems. According to the "BIPV" principle, he designed the unique THE SOLAR FLOATING RESORT in the world.

The Solar Floating Resort2

The use of solar energy not only improves energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also play a key role in accelerating the global economy refusing carbonation.

Brazil Solar City Tower

Brazil Solar City Tower1

The stunning building, called Solar City Tower, was built for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016. It was designed by Swiss architect RAFAA and had a floating waterfall up to 105 meters on the surface. Solar City Tower uses solar power, not only for the extraction of seawater manufacturing waterfalls, but also is available for daily use. This building  made the Brazilian Olympic Games the low carbon Olympic Games in the history.

Brazil Solar City Tower2

Floating Environmental Museum: Bionics Concept

Floating Environmental Museum1

Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architects, the floating library and museums resembles a swimming whale. This should be a lasting trend of architectural art.

Floating Environmental Museum2

As we can see, all the future architectural design is inseparable from a key word: environmental protection. The future popularity of building technology certainly is a long-term plan, while environmental protection is close of each of us. We can choose a more environmentally friendly building to protect our living environment such as integrated house.

Integrated housing,PTH1.jpg

Integrated housing,PTH2.jpg

Integrated housing, whether in construction or in the installation process, will not cause pollution of the environment, and it's the best option for future.
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