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The Top 10 Events of Steel Industry in China in 2016


The Sixth National Steel Structure Industry Development Seminar was successfully held in Beijing

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"The 6th National Steel Structure Development Seminar and the Third National Steel Structure Entrepreneurs Forum, 2015 Annual Meeting of Steel Branch of Beijing Construction Engineering Materials Association " was held in Beijing from 26th to 27th Mar.. The theme of the conference is "Return, Innovation, Value and Integrity." The symposium is held once a year in the form of keynote speeches, theme reports, project docking, on-site communication, etc. It has become an important communication platform for the upstream and downstream steel structure industries, and is widely recognized and trusted by the steel structure enterprises.


The 2016 National Construction Steel Structure Industry Conference Was Held in Hefei

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2016 National Construction Steel Structure Industry Conference was held on 14th May in Hefei. The theme is "Innovation-driven, Environmental-development." The annual meeting has become the most extensive and largest industry event in steel structure architectural field, and is known as "the Olympic in the field of steel construction." Its purpose is to grasp the development trend of the industry, convey the implementation of industry-related industrial policies, and build academic exchange platform and industry chain upstream and downstream enterprise docking platform.


Ministry of Transport Issued a Document to Accelerate Highway Bridge Steel Structure Construction, Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of Highway Construction

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Ministry of Transport recently issued The Guidance about Promoting Road Steel Structure Bridge Construction, decided to promote the steel box girder, steel truss girder, steel composite bridge and other highway steel bridge construction, and boost the road construction transformation and upgrading.


The Founding Conference of Beijing Steel Industry Association was Held Grandly 

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The inaugural meeting of Beijing Steel Industry Association was held in Beijing on 26th August. More than 150 people including related officials and business representatives, experts, scholars from steel industry attended the meeting, witnessed the important moment.

The establishment of Beijing Steel Industry Association marked that Beijing steel industry will enter a new period. Association will effectively promote the industrial development of steel housing in Beijing, and contribute to the development of green building in Beijing.


The State Council Decided to Vigorously Develop the Assembly Building, Promote Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading

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The General Office of the State Council issued the guidelines on the development of assembly building in three major key regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta. Cities with population of more than 3 million are important areas, other cities are deemed as advancement areas to develop assembly concrete structure, steel structure and modern wood structure and other fabricated buildings according to local conditions. It’s expected to achieve 30% of fabricated buildings within 10 years.


The Coating Skill Competition of National Architectural Steel Structure Held in Tianjin

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The national coating skills competition in architectural steel industry "China Steel Construction Cup" was held in Tianjin on 23rd October. This competition aims to promote the construction of high-skilled personnel in the industry, and build a competitive arena covering the theory and practice for skilled personnel.


The 11th Pacific Steel Conference was Held in Shanghai

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The 11th Pacific Steel Conference opened in Shanghai on 29th October. Members of Pacific Steel Conference States Association and representatives from more than 20 countries gathered to discuss the development of the world's steel structure. The conference is the world's largest and the most authoritative international conference in steel industry. At present, the triennial Pacific Steel Conference has become an important platform for global steel structure colleagues to expand their horizons, exchange experience, share results, and promote cooperation.


The 7th Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei Steel Structure Welders' Professional Skills Tournament was held in Jingxian County, Hebei Province

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The 7th session of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei steel welder vocational skills invitational was successfully held in Guangxuan Town, King County on 3rd to 5th Nov.. The competition aims to promote the spirit of craftsman, and enhancing the overall quality of the steel welder team and innovative ability. The contestants in the game learning from each other to further test and upgrade the level of welding technology.


Beijing Steel Structure Residential System Integration Technology and Product Innovation Exchange Meeting Was Successfully Held

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Beijing steel structure residential system integration technology and product innovation exchange meeting was successfully held in Beijing on 19th to 20th Nov. There was a deep discussion about China's steel housing, fabricated building and its supporting system, industry-related policies, steel structure residential design, construction and quality management and other issues of common concern.


2016 China Steel Conference was held in Xiamen

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China Steel Conference and the 7th meeting of the Second Council of the enlarged meeting were held in Xiamen on 12th to 13th Dec. 2016. China Steel Conference is held once a year to convey the implementation of the national macro-industrial policy, in-depth analysis the development of steel industry trends, and establish a bridge between the academic colleagues in the industry to provide new technologies and new products display platform for enterprises. China Steel Congress has become a strong influence, large-scale event in steel industry.

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